Friday, May 2, 2014



Yesterday was DAY 1 of summer. It felt so nice to not have to wake up early or get you up and ready to leave for Grandma's house for the day. My goal is to take one picture a day. We'll see if that happens. When it comes to journaling, writing, or blogging, my track record isn't so great if you haven't noticed.

Yesterday we went on LOTS of errands to get ready for April's bridal shower we are having at Grandma's house in a few weeks. We had to make a stop at Joann's fabric store and you could not get over this blue, sequenced crown. So, Grandma bought it. You lucky. You sure get spoiled. You wore it the WHOLE day! I found it amusing that you don't keep headbands in for long but this crown stayed on your head the entire day. You even wanted to sleep in it.

We also went to Sugarhouse Park for a walk yesterday evening which was fun. You chose to ride in the stroller instead of walk and it was nice to get out of the house in such nice weather. I'm glad that you like going outside. Summer walks and summer evenings make me happy.  

You sure are growing big. Our little conversations make me happy and as much as I hate you coming into my room at night or wanting to sleep in my bed with me during nap time, it's kind of endearing. After all, we are in the girls club.

Your current obsession is Rapunzel. I can't tell you how many times we have watched that movie. You love the songs, your two stuffed dolls, the movie, and even the short film online of them getting married. You call Rapunzel "Punz" because saying Rapunzel is just too hard. It's sweet. Occasionally in the car I'll look back and see you having conversations with your "Punz" dolls. You love them and they come everywhere we go.

You also are in love with our fireplace in our basement apartment. You ask every day to turn it on and I'm not quite sure you get that fireplaces are usually a winter thing. That's okay. I think it's cute.

We're also attempting to potty train again. Yesterday was wonderful. Today we've already had several accidents. We'll get there. We will.

You love your baby Sam and talk to him in my tummy. You're going to make the best big sister and the sweetest mom one day.

I sure love you Soph! I couldn't have asked for a better girl. I've thought that from the day I had you and I haven't thought otherwise a single day. I'm off to get dressed for the day so we can go play. Talk to you soon.


Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Remember (Part 1)

A few things I hope you always remember:

1. Have a love for reading.

This may sound silly but I think that one of the most attractive qualities in a woman is when she's a book worm. It shows she's educated and open minded. Know how to pick up a good book and let your mind escape. Read, love it, and never stop.

2. Love your body no matter its size.

Love yourself whether you're big, little, round, skinny, tall, short, small, whatever! Love your bumps, bulges and imperfections. I love seeing a woman who's confident in who she is no matter what she looks like. It's one of the most attractive traits in a woman.

3. Your inside will always be more important than your outside.

No matter the body have, remember that who you are on the inside is always more important than what you look like on the outside. Be well rounded and be able to recognize all the positive traits you hold.

4. If it's too short, too tight, or too low, it may suddenly "disappear."

Have enough respect for yourself to be able to dress modestly. It's a sign that you care and respect yourself. Others won't ever respect you if you can't do the same for yourself. And, if you ever do have something that doesn't fit the guidelines please don't be surprised when it gets lost and never shows up again.

5. If he wears his pants so low that I can see his underwear, then you're not dating him.

I don't care how nice he is,  how cute he is, or how well he treats you. If he doesn't know how to put on a pair of pants the right way then he's not dating you. End of story.

6. Forgive

People in life are going to hurt your feelings, be mean to you, and offend you. Forgive them. It will set your soul free and your burdens will be lifted. I found a marvelous quote by Robert Brault. It says: "Life becomes easier when you learn to accept an apology you never got." This is true!

7. Less is more when it comes to make up.

I've looked and examined your skin, eyes, and hair more than you have at this point and I'm in love with every single one of them. You don't need a lot of makeup. There is something beautiful about the girl who is pretty even without makeup. Be one of those girls.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Sweet Soph,

Here are a few picture from Christmas. You got more toys and gifts than any of us know what to do with. You lucky girl. I love you.


My Soph,

I can't believe how big your getting. I was looking at the picture below and thought to myself, "You look like a little girl." You no longer look like a baby. Where has the time gone? I used to hate when I'd hear people make comments about how their boy who just left on a mission was a baby just yesterday but I'm starting to understand now.

You've said your first legitimate word. It came on Christmas Eve and it couldn't have sweeter. Your first word: SANTA. I about died when I heard it come out of your mouth. Of course, you can say things like "wa wa" for water or "ba ba" for your binky, bottle, or ball but I was so excited to hear a full word come out of your mouth.

What a sweet girl you are, Soph. You make me so incredibly happy! I sure love you. I hope you never ever forget that. EVER! I love you.


Saturday, October 27, 2012

Walking in Secret

Sweet Soph,

The other day I was in Julie Brenning's kitchen doing her dishes for her when out of the corner of my eye I see you walk from her living room into her kitchen. WHAT?! Since when you could even take a few steps? I burst out laughing because I was so surprised.
The best part about the whole situation is that whenever I look over to watch you walk, you smile at me and sit straight down on your bum. You don't like walking when people are watching. You've done it over and over the past few days. The only way we can get a peek of you walking is if it's out of the corner of our eye and you don't know we're watching.
You funny girl! I sure love you. You never cease to make me smile or make my heart melt when I think of you. Never forget how special you are to me.


Friday, September 28, 2012

Lesson #4 - Share

Sweet Soph,

I can hear you in your crib as I write this. What a good girl you are. I am beyond blessed to have you.

Today we were playing outside in the sandbox. You loved it and wanted to eat the sand and wood chips on the playground. As I was observing the other kids outside I noticed how many of them don't know how to share yet. This is such an unappealing, selfish trait in people. Of course, the kids playing outside today were little and didn't know any better. Don't be one of those kids though.

Share your toys, nice words, and smiles. Share your happiness, your wonder for life, and your well mannered spirit. Share your food with those that don't have any and your friendship with everyone. Share! It's important and it will make you so much happier when you learn to give what you have so others can be happy too. An unselfish person is one of the most attractive traits in a person. Be that person.

I sure love you, Sophia. What a blessing you are in my life. I wonder every single day how I got so blessed to have such a perfect, well mannered, happy, easy baby. Never change. Okay? I love you, Sophie. I always have and I always will. XO


Saturday, September 22, 2012

My Sweet Soph,

You're growing so big and it's happening far too fast. You're 1! It seems like you should still be a few months old. Where did this past year go? I always thought people who said that were dumb and exaggerating. I was wrong - so wrong. This past year has gone faster than I've wanted or have been able to capture. Just like that it slipped away. I still can't believe it.

We went out for a one-year-old birthday shoot with grandma yesterday and this is what we came up with:

I thought going into this shoot that you'd only eat about 1/4 of the cake. I was wrong - very wrong. You ended up eating the entire cake all to yourself. You are your father's daughter. You love to eat. You never get full. I love that about you.

The past week or two I've watched you explode with curiosity, wonder, and adventure. I can't tell you how fun it has been to watch you explore, find interest, and try to figure things out. You're so smart and getting so big. Please never lose that sense of wonder. I love that about you.

Slow down with the growing, please. It's happening too fast. I sure love you, Soph. I always have and I always will. You never ever forget that. Ever.